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Doing More Stupid Stuff

Signed up for au_bingo. We'll see how this goes. *dubious*

Especially seeing as I somehow drew a really difficult card.

My AU_Bingo cardCollapse )

Title: Sea Below and Skies Above
Author: hils
Artist: malbryn
Summary: Jensen is quite content with his life in the ocean until Jared literally crashes into his life.
Link to fic: http://fandomcorner.livejournal.com/72673.html

This was my first time doing art for spn_reversebang and I was so, so lucky to get hils as my author. She's talented and amazing to work with -- we were both pretty much on the same wavelength from the get go. And she's basically just an awesome person. :)

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So I bought this awesome book the other day, called Zombies v. Unicorns. IT IS THE BEST BOOK EVER. It was like fate, calling out to me from the shelves.

It is actually an anthology of short stories, half about zombies, the other half about--you guessed it, unicorns. And in between the authors of Team Zombie and Team Unicorn debate over which one is truly better. (Zombies, duh. Although one of the unicorn stories did give them a decent run for their money.)

I picked it up because, um, ZOMBIES but it also happens to be written by several of my favorite authors. I can honestly say that I loved every single story in the anthology, and there were several that left me wanting more (in a good way.)

GO BUY IT. You won't regret it. :)

Deep thoughts

Why is it that when a man picks up a guitar, he suddenly becomes approximately 10x more attractive than he was moments ago?

This is a fail-proof fact of life.

(On a related note, I should stop having inappropriate thoughts in church.)
I really, really, really want to sign up for spn_reversebang but I don't know if I should.

If I do, it will be as an artist, as I need a teensy break from writing. However, I don't have as much access to a computer as I would like for this. Anything I do will be traditional media supplemented by Photoshop. (You do not want to see any kind of manip from me, so pencil and ink it is.)

I don't even really have a plan. I will probably doodle around and see if I come up with anything I like.

BUT! Even if I don't, everyone else totally should, so--pimping:

BigBang PDF now up!


I've never tried it before, so someone let me know if I screwed something up somewhere. :S

DL link is in the masterpost here.